Consumers in the digital world are constantly receiving messages on a variety of different channels and it is possible that your advertisements will go entirely unnoticed. As a well-versed media company in Dubai, we can prevent that by carefully selecting, negotiating and buying advertising space at a targeted time when your target market demographic is online and doing so on the right platforms.

Because consumers in the digital world have access to your message from a multitude of different media channels, it is very likely that advertisements and content that you have spent money, energy and time on, will go entirely unnoticed and unseen.

At Tonic, we ensure that this doesn’t happen, and instead, the content you have produced reaches the intended target audience, just as it should be. This is where the importance of our media buying optimization comes in.

Our expert media buyers carefully select, negotiate and buy audience targeted time and the right advertising space to convey your message. This is done with a variety of factors being taken into consideration in order to choose the right media for you to use.

We consider key factors such as the right type of media, such as radio, Internet, TV, print and more. We also consider the demographic orientation of your target audience, among other factors.

As advertising evolves from a linear formula targeting passive viewers, to active participants in a non-linear formula, which is increasingly interactive and highly targeted, the advertising landscape becomes increasingly diverse demographically.

We believe that in order to get the right results from media buying, our experts need to be proficient with media buying tools such as online advertising research tools and online advertisement competitive tools.

Given the complex process of media buying, it is crucial to hire experts in order to get your own customized approach. Here at Tonic, we provide the perfect media buying strategy for your business, saving you the time and energy, and delivering expert results. These results include but are not limited to a better pricing strategy, cost-saving on media and services, better balance between supply and demand, better visibility into media buying and campaign performance, improvement in online ad responses, an increase in revenue and return on investment (ROI), and a significantly reduced risk when venturing into new media.