Tonic International

Ideation and conceptualisation of creative campaigns that achieve the client's business goals, across all required channels. 

Development of marketing collaterals across online and offline platforms. 

Emailers, Banners, eBrochures, eFlyers, Newsletters, Infographics, Landing pages, Digital reports, Presentation templates, Branded content, Product catalogues, Roll up banners, Leaflets, Shelf strips, Backlit posters, CTU's, Bus Stops, Lightbox units and more. 


Digital might be king, but print advertising is anything but dead. Portable printed ads are a great way to target certain segments of your audience, with a medium that isn’t skippable. We will design your print ad to meet your objectives and craft it to ensure you have as much impact as possible.


Mobile and digital media technology means outdoor advertising is more versatile and engaging than ever. As digital communication experts, we ensure that your billboard doesn’t just stand out, but also becomes a conversation starter.


Radio gives you reach that goes far and wide, while still being affordable. Working with your brand, we develop insightful, captivating radio spots that are recognizable, drive consumer action and cut through the noise.

Development of all digital assets required across ecosystem, ranging from social media, websites, apps and other communication channels. 

Emailers, Newsletters, eBrochures, eFlyers, Social media content, Social Ads, Display banners, HTML Banners, AR content, 3D content and more. 

At Tonic we’re not only strategists and creators. Our extensive production knowledge and experience allows us to manage any size project for you – from large-scale integrated campaigns to the smallest mobile banner, delivering the highest quality products within your timeline and budget.

Film is one of the most engaging mediums out there. We deep dive into your brand, gathering insights into your audience that allow us to create beautifully crafted moving content that captures their attention and imaginations, and also has the desired impact for your business.

Photography is one of the most important elements of marketing. At Tonic we cover your photography needs ranging from Products, Portraits, Fashion and Food, Sports, Lifestyle stills and Architectural photography. 

Ensuring you have the correct quality images to showcase your business is essential to its marketing success. 

Social media assets are hugely important to the success of campaigns. At Tonic we develop the content that your audience will engage with and help grow your brand.

We ensure all print material and assets are set to the exact specs required. Our team have years of experience across all aspects, so double checking the finer details is absolute priority.