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Mobile applications perform actions quicker than mobile websites, provide data insights from the user’s phone, allow push notifications, tracking and many other insights. It becomes a direct marketing channel for the company. From the user’s perspective, it allows the company to better service their needs by sending updates, saving preferences and profiles and quick actions (ranging from uploads to ordering and payments).

Landing pages can be used for quick launches for startups and SME’s. These should be looked at as temporary while the main website is being developed. These are also used on campaign basis for campaign specific domains in support of name recognition and search.

Most business / purchase / research decisions start with a search engine search which means if you aren’t visible, you won’t be seen and likely reduce the reach of your service / product. Once a website has been found, audiences will still benchmark your offering against others to evaluate the value. Developing a well-executed website is important to how the company will be perceived from a UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience) and CX (Customer Experience) point of view. If this is set well, the visitor is more likely to convert to a client.

In the emerging global economy, eCommerce has become an increasingly important part of a company’s business strategy. Audiences won’t consider your company as an option to purchase from if you don’t have the functionality set. The market is cluttered with online offerings from competitors, if it’s not easy, quick and convenient for a customer on your site, they won’t use your company and will purchase from a competitor.

AR technology allows potential customers to view and interact with your product or service before purchasing. This can enable them to make better-informed decisions. The immersive experience generates brand interaction which becomes brand preference and enables the company to track the customer journey better and enhance the experience and business offering to better cater to the customer’s needs.