Tonic International

At Tonic, we know how advertising services have evolved in this digital-first world. More than ever, consumers have instant, constant and almost unlimited opportunities to interact and engage with brands, which now makes advertising a conversation between those brands and their customers.

But before we let our campaigns converse with your consumers, we’ll talk at length with you. We consult closely with you and your company at every stage of the process. From ensuring we extensively understand your organisation, business, product, consumers and competitors at the strategic phase, to conceptual development, ideation and media planning, our specialists will collaborate with you to ensure a campaign that is not only cut-through, compelling and on-brand, but delivers real, measurable results for your business.

Our communication audits enable clients to better understand the way their business's external and internal communications are being perceived and understood. 

Before we can start communicating your brand we first need to understand it's character and build its story. Through a series of workshops we understand what your brand stands for both internally and for all stakeholders. This allows us to chart long term brand strategies that will in turn guide and inform our communication strategy.

The communication strategy is the core foundation of the marketing process and is integral for any business to send the right marketing message to the right audience and the right time and on the right channels. 

You might have great content (or we can create it for you if you need us to) but ensuring it reaches the right users is critical. Our digital marketing and media teams can assist you with developing a strategic media approach that is based on data, is cost-effective, is the most fruitful for your brand, and most importantly, connects with your ideal audience.