Tonic International

At Tonic we develop media strategies that fit the client's business objective and budget to ensure we achieve set KPIs. Our strategies outline the media objectives, approach, channels, optimisation methods, best practices, content / format requirements and the media plan itself. 

In today’s market, the simple fact is if you’re not advertising online, you’re losing out.
With our online advertising experience and range of digital skills and services we can help you get that market share that you and your business deserve. We will guide you through every facet of achieving this – from digital strategy and media planning at the outset, to post-campaign analysis. Whether it is engagement, awareness or lead generation you’re looking for, we can help you develop a successful online advertising strategy with your KPI or objective in mind.


The Google Display Network reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide and has over 2 million websites within its reach. Using this platform, we’ll help you set up an online display campaign that will not only increase your online reach, but also give you invaluable insights into your online consumer’s behaviour through targeting and observing their online patterns.


Programmatic advertising takes the guesswork out of digital media buying for your brand. Using automated software, our media buying consultants can set the parameters so that your campaigns reach exactly the right target market for your product or service. Which, bottom line, means better ROI for your business.


Video and display advertising are two highly effective ways to capture users’ attention online. Our creative and production teams are highly adept at video advertising creation, from first draft ideas to final edits. We can also assist you with placing your campaign creative on the most effective platforms – ensuring broader and deeper user engagement, no matter what your business.


Using retargeting and remarketing we can help you turn passive visitors to your site into active buyers or clients – driving them down the purchase funnel with targeted offers or through employing cross-selling or upselling techniques – and keeping them engaged with your brand.


With over 306 billion emails sent globally each day, email marketing is a platform that deserves serious consideration when it comes to your brand’s online activity. Using enticing, well-written and stand-out emails our digital marketing experts will motivate consumers to buy your company’s products and services, from the comfort of their inbox.


Affiliate marketing uses well-known or trusted online influencers to help promote your product through content like online reviews. As many people trust these influencers, the reach for your brand can be broadened significantly. At Tonic International, we can advise you on who and what content will work best for your business, and offer you an extensive affiliate network that will boost your sales in the most efficient way.


The great advantage of digital advertising is that it is completely measurable – giving you insights into what works and what doesn’t, and also where to invest your spend in future. Tonic’s digital consultants understand the importance of detailed analytics and optimisation tools. By examining the results, they can help you devise the best course of action to drive user engagement, enhance customer experience and ultimately increase your return on investment.

Offline media channels such as radio, print, TV and out of home are important in the evolution of advertising. Offline channels assist companies to remain top of mind and drive audiences to online channels. Combining both online and offline channels is a valuable tactic for any campaign. With the increase in demand for touchless technologies, there are more oprtunities for pDOOH placements, voice response ads and AR pop ups.


Digital might be king, but print advertising is anything but dead. Portable printed ads are a great way to target certain segments of your audience, with a medium that isn’t skippable. We will design your print ad to meet your objectives and craft it to ensure you have as much impact as possible.


Mobile and digital media technology means outdoor advertising is more versatile and engaging than ever. As digital communication experts, we ensure that your billboard doesn’t just stand out, but also becomes a conversation starter. pDOOH is becoming increasing popular due to contextual content and placement


Radio gives you reach that goes far and wide, while still being affordable. Working with your brand, we develop insightful, captivating radio spots that are recognizable, drive consumer action and cut through the noise.

Augmented reality ads are immersive and drive audience engagement through the customer journey and can drive higher ROI than traditional ad sets. Audience interaction on AR ads ensures the company remains top of mind and encourages sharing and user generated content, which increases organic and authentic reach.