While most think that print advertising is dead due to the rise of digital, print is actually thriving. Portable printed mediums are a great way to target certain segments of your audience. We will craft and design your print ad to meet your requirements and ensure you have as much visibility as possible through rigorous research and strategy.

A common proclamation made by people that understand advertising to some degree is that “print is dead”. And while it is true that in the ever-changing landscape of advertising, everything seems more digitally inclined now, it is also true that print is far from being dead. Print advertising is a crucial part of the world of advertising, one that, rather than being dead, is thriving.

One walk to your local newspaper stand, bookstore or supermarket will demonstrate just that. Every magazine, every book, every newspaper; print is thriving.

At Tonic, print advertising consists of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, booklets, flyers, direct mail, or anything else that would be considered a portable printed medium.

When you request a print ad from us, we put together our team of experts. One of them takes charge of how your beautiful print ad is going to be carefully crafted and designed to meet your end result, and the other writes headlines and subheads for this print ad.

As they browse through their wealth of creative ideas, we ensure that the brief they were given was conducted with rigorous research and strategy to give you the best.

We deliver perfectly crafted print and design to bring new life into your brand with a stunning print ad and captivating copy.