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Unique and creative solutions that put your brand first.

Part of Tonic’s impressive full-service capabilities are media planning and buying. Providing both offline and online media services globally and regionally, with a focus in GCC and MENA, our experts provide an array of diverse media solutions for your business that are not found in other media companies in Dubai.

We believe in using the right channels and tactics to communicate to the right audience at the right time, using the most effective media strategies and tactics. Our role is to help amplify the right creative idea for you by using the right distribution tactics and channel mix. By bringing together traditional media research and planning techniques using advanced monitoring tools and methodologies, we uncover behavioural, attitudinal and motivational decision drivers.

Our services include a multitude of offline and online channels from OOH (Out of Home advertising), print, TV, digital screens to SEO, search advertising (PPC), video advertising, display advertising, social media buying and analytics, email marketing, content marketing, branded content, and programmatic buying.

We always tailor our media strategy based on your specific business goals because we understand that a standard set of media mix does not fit all brands and must be carefully selected in order to deliver the maximum value for both your brand and your customers. In order to do so, our media planning and media buying experts provide auditing, search and media strategy, event sponsorships, media buying optimization, SMS marketing, television media buying (TV), cinema media buying, radio media buying, newspapers and magazines media buying, outdoor (OOH) and outdoor media buying services.

As a result, we stand out from other media agencies and deliver unique and creative solutions, which put your consumers and your brand first utilizing cost effective strategies.

Media Auditing, Search & Media Strategy

Understanding how your advertising spending matches up to the spending of your competitors helps you save money. As a specialized media company in Dubai, we will work with you to develop media strategies that deliver qualified leads and real, measurable results. We will also provide you with an integration strategy that works across both offline and online platforms to maximize your media performance so you can connect with your audience in the most efficient way possible.

Event Sponsorships

Attracting sponsors is crucial to financing your events as well as having the right systems in place to deliver the value your sponsors require. Our team of experts will acquire, negotiate, and work with you to create a beneficial balance between your event and your sponsor’s marketing objectives.


Media Buying Optimization

Consumers in the digital world are constantly receiving messages on a variety of different channels and it is possible that your advertisements will go entirely unnoticed. As a well-versed media company in Dubai, we can prevent that by carefully selecting, negotiating and buying advertising space at a targeted time when your target market demographic is online and doing so on the right platforms.


SMS Marketing

We offer campaigns with low-cost solutions, offering you direct access to our SMS marketing database, which consists of an incredible number of potential customers across the country. We also help you reach your audience with targeted SMS marketing. This is done through filtering your audience using key demographics.


Television Media Buying

When using TV media buying we develop a strategy based on a number of factors; your target audience, which part of the day will be most successful for you, TV programs that are on at a certain time, regionality, time of year and the length of the commercial. All these factors allow us to reach your target audience efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.


Cinema Media Buying

Tonic can help you define an effective campaign tailored to achieve your advertising objectives. We target your audience through film packages, regions or audience with the most efficient cost per thousand and the right environment. Our media strategists can customize your campaign specifically for you and our creative team will work closely with you to produce the perfect advertisement.


Radio Media Buying

With our experience in radio media buying, we will negotiate the best radio advertising costs and help you develop the idea, write out the script, produce and manage your campaign’s creative work. We determine the formats and stations for you to target in each market, recommend spot lengths for your branding, create informational and promotional messages, and establish target rating point ranges for different kinds of spots.


Newspapers & Magazines Media Buying

Effective engagement is very important. Using magazines and newspapers in your media strategy helps you reach the right target audience at their time and place of choosing. Magazines and newspapers allow advertisers to provide detailed information about their products and services. Our newspaper and magazine media buying team covers ad spaces of all sizes, including features, promotions and advertorials. They will choose the right magazine or newspaper for your brand and target market.


Outdoor (OOH) / Outdoor Media Buying

Outdoor advertising continues to be one of the most engaging mediums. Today’s audience spend a lot of time in areas where OOH is displayed such as on the roadside, in airports, shopping centres, petrol stations, and so on. Our media team in Dubai will work with you to provide different options that are suitable to meet your objectives and budgets. As well as assisting you with the placement and buying of your outdoor media, our team will also work with you on your creative design and ideas to create a high impact and ensure your ad stands out.



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