Social Media has become an integral part of any brand’s marketing strategy. Having one of the highest content consumption rates and potential reach, makes it a key communication tool, regardless of the objective: awareness, engagement, leads or direct sales. As social media marketing gurus in Dubai, we will help your brand achieve its goals by developing data-lead strategies that are measurable, realistic and engaging.

By combining social data, client information and our varied industry experience, our social media marketing experts are able to identify content pillars that represent your brand values and connect with your customer audience segment. Through our understanding of social media content consumption habits, we deliver content to the audience with the right message, in the right format, on the right channel and at the right time.

To develop our strategy and run successful social media channels, we first analyse the data gathered from social media, client input and other sources. The generated data will guide us to deliver better social media marketing services by understanding the audience, brand ecosystem, competitors and communication opportunities.

Content gaps are then outlined along with best practices for asset and copy creation to ensure a high level of engagement from the audience. We then outline the brief for the monthly content calendar, create, publish, monitor/community manage and report on the results at the end of the month or campaign.

Our reports are developed using the region’s leading platforms, which provides monthly performance analytics. However, we also include human insights and understanding on the reports in order to better optimise content and increase engagement.



Developing a social media marketing strategy is important as it allows your social media communication and presence to be aligned with your business goals and helps you in reaching your target audience. At Tonic, we understand social media is not simply content creation and posting, it requires strategic and tactical execution in order to cut through the marketing clutter and stop thumbs from scrolling. Tonic’s social media experts will help you develop a social media strategy with the right message, on your target audience’s preferred platform and in the most engaging way.



Knowing what your competition is doing on social media and their presence is important to position yourself as “the” better company. Tonic utilizes data tools to analyse competitor behaviour, patterns and understand their social media approach. Using this information, we can in turn help you refine your social media strategy and ensure you have an edge within their market.



Content strategy development consists in analysing your business, industry, competitors and platform selection to spot opportunities for more relevant content creation that are in line with your business goals. Our social media content experts adapt a successful work process that starts with setting the content pillars to be aligned with your brand identity, defining communication objectives, and creating a comprehensive content calendar.



Many social media platforms have made online broadcasting possible. This makes social media a great tool to build excitement and maximise awareness of your events in order to reach a larger audience. We will cover your events so they are well portrayed online to your audience. No matter the type of the event you are holding, we will get all its aspects covered and broadcasted on social media.


Social media marketing is a crucial tool as it builds brand awareness and engagement. Community management operations include responding to customer comments and questions to demonstrate your brand’s reliability, ensure positive reviews and ratings. Our dedicated social media community managers know how important instant messages are, hence, they are up all the time to provide relevant information to your consumers.



New reporting and analysis techniques are coming up every day to adjust your social media marketing campaigns and make it more accurate. The multiple reporting features embedded across all social media platforms, and provided by third-party applications, enable a detailed tracking of an amplitude of metrics and dimensions to grant users more control over their campaigns to help them achieve their goals. Our social media marketing experts are well-aware of analytical tools to report comprehensive data.