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Digital integration that cuts across disciplines and departments.

At Tonic, we understand the necessity of acknowledging the ever-changing digital marketing

Online Advertising

Online advertising uses video, social media advertising, online media buying on networks or premium websites, and also on mobile, online content calendars, etc. to promote a product or a brand. It also integrates email marketing, search engine marketing and optimization. Whether it is engagement, awareness or lead generation, we will help you develop a successful online advertising strategy with your KPI or objective in mind.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization are processes that increase the organic and free traffic to your website and help make passive website visitors into active users who engage with or purchase from your brand. These processes in turn give your brand more visibility, helps target the right audience and convert visitors into consumers. At Tonic we analyse consumer behaviour on your website through data to monitor your website performance, and we help you include appropriate and high-ranking key words to place your website at the top of all search engines.


Search Engine Marketing & Google Display Network

At Tonic we understand the importance of Google Display Network in the digital marketing process as it reaches 90% of Internet users worldwide and has over 2 million websites within its reach. With this tool, your company can reach and clearly understand consumer behaviour by targeting users, observe their online patterns and direct them to your website.


Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a data-driven automation of online media buying which uses software to buy digital advertising. The automation allows buyers to focus on the strategy and optimization of the campaign. You can reach the right target market by filtering audience using demographics and geographical information. You can also select the publisher, the frequency and the time of appearance.


Online Marketing Consulting

With our experience in all the sectors that encompass online marketing and online advertising we are aware of all the latest tools and tactics. Online advertising has a wide spectrum of services and it can prove difficult to know what is best to do, what budget to allocate and what strategy to implement. Tonic can provide you with the support you need. Our expert online consulting team will help you with growing your revenue through strategy, consulting and by setting clear Key Performance Indicators.


Video & Display Advertising

Video advertising encompasses any online format that integrates videos from YouTube to web series. On streaming websites or video heavy websites, advertising units can be pre-rolls, mid-rolls or post-rolls which are cut down versions of traditional TV sport advertising. Display advertising ,on the other hand, refers to banner advertising which can be static, rich media, expandable, integrate video and content. Display adverts need to be more and more creative and engaging to be seen by consumers. As a digital agency, we will help you choose the best advertising platforms that guarantee user engagement and response to your ad.


Re-marketing & Re-targeting

Re-targeting is a core digital marketing service made to reconnect with passive visitors of your website. They will be reminded of your website and the product they had shown interest in. This is done through the use of cookies that collect information on the actions the user performed on your site. Through a re-targeting campaign you can target users that viewed or interacted with a specific page and therefore concentrate your resources on a particular group. Re-marketing on the other hand is done using email and allows you to cross-sell or upsell more products to a consumer who has already purchased from you.


Email Marketing

Tonic International’s email marketing services help you speed up your sales. Through newsletters and well-written emails, our digital marketing experts will motivate consumers to buy your company’s products and services. Consumers are always keeping track of their inbox which gives email marketing a massive potential for reaching consumers especially if content is compelling and exciting. At Tonic, we will ensure your emails can be read by all box providers and do not end up in your consumers junk box through coding and design.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process by which a person promotes a company’s products and earns a profit for each sale they make. This can be done in a simple way such as through an online review. Affiliate marketing is a strong digital marketing service as consumers often trust other consumers more than the brand itself and it gives your brand a lot of exposure. At Tonic International, we will offer you an affiliate network that will boost your sales in the most efficient way.


Measure, Attribution Tagging & Setup

In digital advertising, it is crucial to measure your efforts and to validate and guarantee that the collected data is useful. Optimization tools are countless but what matters is how we use the data we receive from them. At Tonic International, we understand the importance of detailed analytics and optimization tools, if set up properly can be the best tool. By examining the results, we will help you devise the best course of action to drive user engagement and enhance customer experience and therefore expand your return on investment.


Content Marketing

Content marketing involves developing a strategic approach to help you reach a precise target market. We create and share relevant content consistently at a precise time, on the right channel and to the right audience to ensure our marketing is cost-effective. Our experts use data for content marketing to ensure relevancy and audience interest, action and retention.


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