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Developing brands that stand out in a digital world

The Tonic branding team believes in creating brands people love to love, brands that solve problems and deliver results as they are built with passion and personal commitment.

As a branding agency, we use strategy and creative ideas to create, grow and transform your business and bring your brand to life. Our branding team in Dubai has worked with a multitude of brands from small start-ups to global conglomerates and together with them has defined, re-written and re-interpreted their story. We know that to set your brand apart in today’s digital world it is important to see your consumers as active users. Therefore, while maintaining the traditional brand structure of beliefs, mission and vision we go one step further making your brand more interactive and approachable.

Our Dubai-based branding team develops your brand strategy and personality through workshops with your team and research. The research we perform includes target audience research, audience segmentation, competitive analysis and cultural audits

After developing your strategy, Tonic undertakes the crafting of the brand. This includes naming, defining a brand identity – logo design, typography, graphic devices and imagery look and feel. Once approved, we develop brand guidelines for you to ensure you are able to communicate in the same way across all brand touchpoints and know exactly how your brand personality and tonality should be applied. We develop together with you a multitude of touchpoints which are important for your business.

We deliver a large array of branding services from strategy development all the way to event branding. Depending on client requirements, the brand identity is supported with deliverables like stationery design, collaterals such as brochures and leaflets, digital touch points such as website, emailer and presentation templates, signage and wayfinding, product and packaging design, and social media and videography templates.

Brand Research & Strategy

We believe that understanding your brand and your customer is the best way to deliver the best results. Our experts define and refine the specific objectives for every brand. Tonic’s researchers use qualitative research, quantitative data, and ongoing metrics assessment while our planners outline and refine campaigns with your goals in mind. By doing this, we aim to drive successful, measurable results. Every single time.


Brand Identity & Naming

At Tonic, we develop well thought-through brand identities and names to ensure that your brand stands out from your competition, captivates your target market, memorable and easily applicable for all forms of output. We familiarize ourselves with your brand and research the best way to tell your brand story and develop your brand personality.


Brand Architecture

Having a good brand architecture generates clarity, leverage and interaction. At Tonic we help you decide the best way to structure your brand, it’s products or services while maintaining your company’s identity. We believe aligning your brand framework with your consumer’s requirements is the best way to brand management.



Rebranding or as we call it ‘refreshing’ your brand is important to attract new consumers, capture the attention of existing ones and bring increased recognition. Rebranding can range from modifying existing visual elements to completely updating them. At Tonic we ensure a makeover that is current, vibrant and designed specifically for the consumers of today while maintaining a visual connection with your previous brand.


Logo Design

What makes a logo a great logo is often difficult to discern however; our experts believe the answer is distinctiveness. To create this distinctiveness, we study carefully who your brand, your competition and your audience are. We then inject all this knowledge into sketches and drafts of various logo designs while keeping in mind where your logo will need to be applied. Once we are completely satisfied with a design and its applications we finalize it together with you.


Event Branding

Event branding compliments our provided branding services at Tonic. Whether digital or onsite, it is an ideal way to place your brand in the spotlight as it gives you the ability to decide how those who attend your event, whether they are consumers, partners or sponsors remember your brand. At Tonic the process for event branding remains the same whether the event is recurring or not. We conduct research to understand your target market as well as develop your brand positioning. From these elements we develop a strategy that will properly address and captivate your audience.


Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of communicating visually, combining images and words, tied together by a great idea, to give the desired effect and translate the brand values to our viewers. Graphic design consists in understanding your brand; what it stands for and who it communicates to. These concepts are put together in a presentation deck providing you with context, examples and future implementation possibilities. Then, together with you, we refine these concepts to fit your vision and brand direction.


Signage & Wayfinding

An important application of your brand design is signage and wayfinding. While signage and wayfinding often seem relatively simple and arbitrary it can be proven difficult to properly apply your brand identity and design in a way that is clear, simple, legible and most importantly universally understood. At Tonic, we will translate your brand identity for you by adapting your visual style, developing a signage or wayfinding system that breaks down your facilities in an understandable manner and developing iconography that merges your stylistic and universally recognizable icons. In turn this will make your signage and wayfinding understandable by all.


Product & Packaging Design

Product and packaging design is a crucial aspect of your brand’s identity as it is key to your consumer’s brand experience. Both product and packaging design constitute a physical representation of your brand’s personality and build a relationship between your brand and its consumers. When providing our branding services, we carefully think through all elements: where they will be sold, to whom, in what quantity, how they will look to represent your brand, how they will be protected, how they feel and we deliver prototypes for your approval and experience. Once the process and the design are refined, we move into full production.


Publication Design  

A publication design book is a book explaining the brand’s main identity, its tone of voice and core values. A publication design book is perfect to help develop company assets and designs in the future such as anniversaries, company achievements and annual reports. At Tonic International we can turn any idea or message into a 300-page beautifully designed and exquisitely crafted book or create a simple minimalist report with all the elements you need.

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