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The Government of Dubai Media Office has the directive for implementing strategic communication plans for the Government of Dubai and also managing the media affairs of the UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Each year, GDMO undertakes the collation and production of a pack dubbed “The Journey” that includes all the media worthy activities of His Highness throughout the year which is then distributed to Government Officials, Media Organizations and other VIPs. Each year, multiple agencies pitch for the project. Since 2013, Tonic International has successfully bid for and won the project five times.


“The Journey” gift boxes should have a different unboxing experience to make the opening of the box feel unique, special and premium. This experience is enhanced through various techniques from the theme of the creative and how it comes together in the design, the quality of the materials selected and their treatment, to the variety and thoughtfulness of the gifts presented.

Every pack commissioned by the Government of Dubai Media Office has a different theme which is brought to life by Tonic Branding through the use of quotes based on HH’s vision, calligraphy and even through the layout of the book contained within.

Gifted to international diplomats, dignitaries, and associates.

High-end materials are used throughout the kits and immense thought is given to the unpacking experience.

Unique manufacturing and printing techniques enhance the overall experience.

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