Case Study

Oli Oli Branding


OliOli is a homegrown, interactive children’s museum that was launched at the end of 2017 in Dubai. Tonic was approached by a group of investors and parents that were creating a venue for children unlike any other in Dubai and needed a unique brand identity to go along with the incredible concept.

We started out conducting in-depth research into the highly-competitive, over-suturated children’s play market as well as research into the mindset of the target audience. With our findings in hand, we crafted a strong positioning as well as a personality, strategy, and story for the brand.

Once we had the core foundations set, we then went on to naming the venue, ‘OliOli’ meaning joy in Hawaiian- a perfect match for the brand’s core essence.
Finally we crafted a unique, dynamic and happy identity that encompassed everything we wanted the brand to represent using simple and intelligent design.

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