Case Study

Flair No.5 Branding


Flair No.5 is a new restaurant, bar, and lounge that launched this year at The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC.

We were tasked with creating an identity for this unique F&B concept. This first started with developing a strong strategy to help position the venue in the over-saturated F&B Dubai market. Once we helped the brand nail down their positioning and personality, we developed the visual identity.

The visual identity we created was meant as a juxtaposition of some sort. It shows the wildness of nature contrasted with the simplicity of the blank canvas. Similar to the contrast between the bustle of the city and the serene escape Flair No. 5 offers away from it. 
Once the identity was complete, we rolled it out across an array of collateral and then collated all the brand info into one comprehensive guideline document.

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