Case Study

BIC Flex 5 Campaign


BIC Middle East came to Tonic with a problem for the African Market. As far as their razors go, they are seen as a low-end product that’s affordable and disposable. While their newest addition, Bic Flex 5 is crafted with advanced technology and is competing with number one brand Gillette, they are still cost-effective. We needed to change perceptions, whilst staying true to the approachable and friendly nature of BIC as a brand.

Using our positioning that ‘BIC Flex 5 gives one of the best shaves I can get without taking itself seriously’ We created “Meet The Barber In You”; a fun, creative way to demonstrate how using a BIC Flex 5, with 5 flexible blades for an ultra-close shave and a 6th edging blade for precision, you are fully equipped to be your own barber.

The campaign, adapted for South Africa and Morocco, uses quirky dialogue and a magical barbershop setting to create a sort of ‘how to guide’ on shaving with a BIC Flex 5 and all the benefits that come along with it.

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