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Finding the right balance between sophistication, web design and functionality.

At Tonic, one of our core beliefs is that great web development and online user experience has the potential to make a change – a change in the perception of your brand, increasing brand love with an existing customer, or converting a lead to a customer. We believe that, in terms of design, your user experience is as important as your visual identity.

Our web design services are set on a methodical process that starts with understanding users’ behaviour online in order to devise a seamless, intuitive user interface and experience that is fun for them to engage with.

We use usability testing, rapid prototyping, and iterative development while designing and developing your website or mobile app to bridge the gap between digital experiences the users want and what they interact with.

Amongst all web design agencies based in Dubai, we distinguish ourselves by putting the users at the centre of every solution through focusing on their context, expectations, and decision-making processes through our user experience tools and strategy, product development, and multichannel content curation.

But we don’t just limit ourselves to design. We consider all the insights about technology, analytics, brand, content, and business through each step of our process, all done while working closely with you. We provide web design and development services, mobile app design and development, UI design, UX research, strategy, design, and optimization.

Getting the work out doesn’t mean the work is done. Instead, we continue to monitor, measure and optimise the work we’ve delivered. We look at brand lift, brand recall, awareness, leads, traffic, conversion, sales and more. To put it simply, we calculate how much return you get for every dollar you invest in us, because we believe in your success. After all, your success is ours too.

Website Design & Development

At Tonic, we believe that your website reflects who you are as a business. There are increasingly sophisticated websites pushing the boundaries of online businesses as your consumers become more and more digitally savvy. Therefore, we take great care and time to professionally design and develop your website to help your business reach new levels of success and growth.


UX Research, Strategy, Design & Optimization

We analyse customer feedback and user patterns to build websites with the best user experience. We perform detailed research and analysis to help you understand your users thoroughly. Based on this approach, we ensure a lot of time and effort goes into defining the design problem, before identifying all the aspects of the context in which your product is used and developing a strategy. After the strategy is defined we develop your website wireframe, website design and ensure your website is properly optimized.


Website Design

Your website defines who you are as a business and is often your consumer’s main reference point when it comes to your brand. Developing a good website is finding the right balance between sophistication an original design and functionality. Our web development experts combine their knowledge of your brand together with their experience in the latest web design technology and their research on functionality to develop the best websites for you.



Feel safe registering your new website with us. Tonic provides a wide range of web hosting services with unlimited capacity and minute-to-minute technical support. We have a dedicated server to ensure availability and top level security in order to provide our clients the quality of efficiency they are looking for.


Mobile App Design & Development

The use of smartphones is ever increasing giving mobile applications the ability to reach a very large audience. Having a mobile app which is simple, effective and attractive in terms of user experience can help in making consumers come back for more. Mobile apps deliver real, measurable and successful results. Our experts will design and develop for you iOS, Android and HTML5/Hybrid applications in order to help you grow your business faster and reach your target audience.


UI Design

UI design is crucial to make users more attached to your website. At Tonic we have defined a process to ensure an effective UI design. We acquaint ourselves with your brand, define the best combination between classical designs and the latest innovation to develop a unified look and feel, and design system. Once we have finalized the design system, we will develop guidelines including a comprehensive overview of your fonts, styles, design patterns, colour palette, layout structure, and technical constraints and considerations.


Web Scraping/Competitive Analysis

Web scraping consists of extracting the data from websites to benchmark your product against the competition. Using an automated process, we pull specific data from websites into a database or spreadsheet. We then review and analyse the data so they level up against your requirements. The extracted data can be extremely helpful in designing your next marketing plan, outperforming your competitors, and effectively targeting your audience.


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