Television Media Buying Agency

When using TV media buying we develop a strategy based on a number of factors; your target audience, which part of the day will be most successful for you, TV programs that are on at a certain time, regionality, time of year and the length of the commercial. All these factors allow us to reach your target audience efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.

Tonic’s core philosophy is to use the right media channels and tactics to communicate with the right audience at the right time, using the most cost-effective strategies. Our role is to help amplify the creative idea with the right distribution tactics and channel mix.

With that in mind, with TV media buying, we take into account a number of factors. We start with your target audience. Television media buyers trade against a number of different target audiences, and Tonic can work to help you figure out the best target audience for your to buy media against, which will then lead you to delivering an efficient campaign according to your media budget.

With TV media buying, we take into account ‘dayparts’. Dayparts are the different times the day is divided into, such as breakfast, daytime, peak, and late night.

Another factor we take into account are the TV programmes you can use to reach a specific target audience. These range from high-profile programmes with top ratings which are more expensive, to lower-profile programmes.

We can also use regionality as a factor to narrow down your audience. This means that television media advertising campaigns can be bought on a regional or national basis to fit your media brief.

The time of year also plays a major role here. The cost of advertising on TV changes seasonally, with autumn months generally being more expensive than the rest, whereas July and August offer good value for money. January tends to be the cheapest month of the year.

Finally, we also look at the length of a commercial to determine the cost of buying TV media. Simply put, a 30-second advertisement will cost twice as much as a 10-second advertisement, whereas a 60-second advertisement normally costs twice as much as a 30-seconder.

Through this TV media buying process, we ensure the right target audience is reached at the right time with the right message from you, using our cost-effective strategies, distribution tactics, and channel mix.

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