Social media marketing is a crucial tool as it builds brand awareness and engagement. Community management operations include responding to customer comments and questions to demonstrate your brand’s reliability, ensure positive reviews and ratings. Our dedicated social media community managers know how important instant messages are, hence, they are up all the time to provide relevant information to your consumers.

The response and time to respond are rates on Facebook is one of the most important indicators of an organization’s reliability.

Users give a lot of importance to reviews and ratings, so we believe the way you engage with your users should be given proper importance. Users are connecting to your social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter and may ask questions, leave comments and a dedicated social media manager should be answering their every inquiry and replying to their every comment.

Our dedicated social media managers know everything about your products and the tone of voice your brand communicates with.

Social media community managers are also in charge of addressing concerns, being able to direct the users to the nearest location and give reliable and relevant information about the product. All of these details will help increase the trust placed by consumers in your brands and increase your number of likes as well.
Social Media advertising can be used in 2 ways – brand awareness and engagement. Several innovative formats to be used on social media can be used for brand awareness such as Facebook banners, carousel, canvas but also, #hashtags.

To create a conversation is the best way to engage with your users, and a great way to do it could be to ask them about your brand so you involve them, communicate with them, give them tips on how to use your product, speak about the news, ask them questions and get their point of views, launch a competition, etc.

Reporting is essential in order to ensure that a social media strategy is implemented. There are multiple reporting tools that are being used and help you find out if, for instance, the #hashtag that you have launched is trending, if there is a constant increase in your followers, the amounts of likes per post you are getting, and the sentiments towards your brand and your post. Those tools will then help us refine your social media strategy.