Video & Display Advertising Agency

Video advertising encompasses any online format that integrates videos from YouTube to web series. On streaming websites or video heavy websites, advertising units can be pre-rolls, mid-rolls or post-rolls which are cut down versions of traditional TV sport advertising. Display advertising ,on the other hand, refers to banner advertising which can be static, rich media, expandable, integrate video and content. Display adverts need to be more and more creative and engaging to be seen by consumers. As a digital agency, we will help you choose the best advertising platforms that guarantee user engagement and response to your ad.

When you think video advertising, you immediately think YouTube. However, video advertising does not encompass only YouTube or Vimeo Video ads, but any form of online format that integrate videos.

By online formats, we mean that there are video banners; social media content integrating videos, branded or native content integrating videos, web series, etc.

Heavy content-based websites such as news websites tend to use video advertising a lot too, as they complement their actual videos.

In streaming websites, advertising units can be pre-roll, mid-roll and post-rolls. They are usually a shorter version of the traditional TV spot advertising. Being unwanted advertising; mid-rolls are usually really short while pre-rolls can be cut down after the first 5, 10, or 30 seconds.

In contrast, display advertising refers to banner advertising. IAB is the authority for the display advertising size and most of the publishers use IAB as a reference to build their advertising website specifications. Display banners can be static, rich media, expandable, integrate video, and content. As they tend to be seen less and less by viewers, advertising agencies need to be more creative in their messaging and their visuals.

In terms of performance, impressions were often a synonym for views but this KPI has now evolved to click, lead and viewability. As an agency, we need to ensure that we are using our advertising platform and format as best we can, that will guarantee user engagement and responses to our ad. The success of a display banner campaign is often based on the creative idea, the format of the banners and the selection of the appropriate platform with the correct audience.

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