Tonic International’s email marketing services help you speed up your sales. Through newsletters and well-written emails, our digital marketing experts will motivate consumers to buy your company’s products and services. Consumers are always keeping track of their inbox which gives email marketing a massive potential for reaching consumers especially if content is compelling and exciting. At Tonic, we will ensure your emails can be read by all box providers and do not end up in your consumers junk box through coding and design.

Tonic’s email marketing services are in place to help you speed up your sales. Email marketing moves your sales prospects from one stage to the next.

Our agency will send out emails, motivating people to buy your company’s products and services. This is done through crafting well-written and captivating newsletters, helping your brand stay at the forefront of their minds.

Although email marketing is not new, it is far from being ineffective.

At any given time, we all have an inbox full of emails promoting different products and services from different brands. Our emails are part of numerous databases that are constantly being shared and sold.

With this comes the massive potential of email marketing to reach a large audience. As users usually receive five to ten emailers per day, it is important to catch their attention with an exciting, compelling subject line.

But when doing so, in order to avoid the errors made by clients that reach the consumer’s junk mail, we need to ensure that design-wise and code-wise, our emailers can be read by all email box providers, such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, and so on.

It is a common mistake to develop an email without taking this into account, and investing in databases and design while those emails are not being seen, let alone being opened.

We know that customers check their emails everyday, and they want to receive emails from the brands they know, love, and use. But you have to ensure that the content you are sending is valuable, and something they would want to see. That’s where Tonic comes in. We help you create emails your consumers will love and respond to.

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