Signage & Wayfinding Agency

An important application of your brand design is signage and wayfinding. While signage and wayfinding often seem relatively simple and arbitrary it can be proven difficult to properly apply your brand identity and design in a way that is clear, simple, legible and most importantly universally understood. At Tonic, we will translate your brand identity for you by adapting your visual style, developing a signage or wayfinding system that breaks down your facilities in an understandable manner and developing iconography that merges your stylistic and universally recognizable icons. In turn this will make your signage and wayfinding understandable by all.

Signage and wayfinding is an integral service provided in the branding process, helping create a seamless, stress-free user experience in any space without getting lost, confused, or frustrated.

At Tonic, whether we work closely with our architects or design teams on your environment, or create standalone signage or an individual project, our signage and wayfinding team ensures you have the right space with the right tools to guide consumers to your project, hassle-free.

In the trusted hands of our designers, who work closely with architects when needed, our signage and wayfinding approach guarantees that both the aesthetic and functional needs of a space are met and comply with the codes of the space.

Using our thorough understanding of the provided environment, we work with our dedicated teams to create a simple, comprehensive design for easy navigation and efficient environments for all of our clients, ensuring you or your consumers never lose their way.

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