Rebranding Agency

Rebranding or as we call it ‘refreshing’ your brand is important to attract new consumers, capture the attention of existing ones and bring increased recognition. Rebranding can range from modifying existing visual elements to completely updating them. At Tonic we ensure a makeover that is current, vibrant and designed specifically for the consumers of today while maintaining a visual connection with your previous brand.

At Tonic, we like to think of rebranding as a total refresh for your brand; almost like a makeover for your business. Just as with makeovers transforming the perception of a person to the rest of the world, similarly so rebranding is the same.

For us, rebranding can range from keeping existing visual elements or updating the recognized ones you currently have. With elements like a new visual style, a new tone of voice, or a presentation of your company’s new overall style will help you attract new consumers, capture the attention of the existing ones, and bring you increased recognition.

Rebranding also ensures that a visual connection remains to how your brand identity was seen before, all the while maintaining that the new makeover is current, vibrant, and designed specifically for the consumers of today.

Rebranding from Tonic extends to beyond the new look you receive. As a result, you get a whole transformation, a new identity and brand system, all of which fit perfectly under the same brand name. You also get a new logo design, fresh messaging, a new marketing program and a revamped visual identity to help push your organization forward.

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