Product & Packaging Design Agency

Product and packaging design is a crucial aspect of your brand’s identity as it is key to your consumer’s brand experience. Both product and packaging design constitute a physical representation of your brand’s personality and build a relationship between your brand and its consumers. When providing our branding services, we carefully think through all elements: where they will be sold, to whom, in what quantity, how they will look to represent your brand, how they will be protected, how they feel and we deliver prototypes for your approval and experience. Once the process and the design are refined, we move into full production.

At Tonic, we believe product and packaging design are a critical part of building a brand’s identity and image. Product design involves form and function and oftentimes brings with it the beginning of the brand experience shared with the consumer. Sometimes, it is this that lays the foundation for customer loyalty.

Where packaging design is concerned, regardless of the nature of the product, its packaging offers an incredible opportunity to positively impact your brand’s overall image.

They both constitute the physical representations of your brand’s personality. They help build relationships between your brand and your consumers. They communicate with your consumer with ease. Also, good product and packaging design help drive sales.

Our process when it comes to product and packaging design is simple. We ask ourselves where it will be sold and in what quantities, we familiarize ourselves with your product and your brand, and then we ideate, sketch and visualize how best to execute it. This leads us into the production phase, with how it actually looks, how it’s protected, how it feels, all done through prototypes. When we have a refined process, we go into full production.

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