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Event branding compliments our provided branding services at Tonic. Whether digital or onsite, it is an ideal way to place your brand in the spotlight as it gives you the ability to decide how those who attend your event, whether they are consumers, partners or sponsors remember your brand. At Tonic the process for event branding remains the same whether the event is recurring or not. We conduct research to understand your target market as well as develop your brand positioning. From these elements we develop a strategy that will properly address and captivate your audience.

At Tonic, we believe that in the event branding revolves around the goal of capturing your brand’s essence and giving it its time in the spotlight throughout your event marketing process.

Whether that’s done through digital or onsite branding, event branding plays a major role in the overall branding of your company or business. Simple because your brand matters, therefore its event branding matters. This is because it is an opportunity to choose to represent your brand properly, and decide how those who attend your event, whether they are consumers, partners or sponsors, remember your event and its branding.

Whether your event is being built from scratch or it’s another annual in a long list of annuals, our process remains the same. However, it is a continuous process, requiring ongoing consistence, activeness, and motivation.

We begin with research, and understanding the market you’re about to partake in. by acquainting ourselves with your audience and who will be talking about and attending your event. We then move to positioning, considering how best to position your brand to determine how you’ll be perceived by attendees, what your event will offer, what you choose to promote.

From there, we go to strategy, and determine the experience you want your attendees to have, and how best to maximize their engagement with you. This takes us to production, where we put our strategy into play and watch it all come to life.

This brings us to our final steps, evaluation and evolution. In evaluating the success of the event, we compare it to your business objectives and use this evaluation to help your next event. In the evolution stage, we keep up with the changing landscape of the events industry, ensuring your brand can shift and change with current trends.

We understand that in order to have a successful event to promote your brand, you must first have a well-established brand. From the conception and research stages to the evolution stage, we ensure that your brand defines its success in events, working closely with you to ensure we never lose the essence of what your brand stands for.

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