Brand Identity & Naming Agency

At Tonic, we develop well thought-through brand identities and names to ensure that your brand stands out from your competition, captivates your target market, memorable and easily applicable for all forms of output. We familiarize ourselves with your brand and research the best way to tell your brand story and develop your brand personality.

At Tonic, we believe a great brand identity needs to be properly thought out in order to ensure that it stands out from your competition, captures your target audience’s attention, is memorable, flexible and able to grow as your brand grows, cohesive, and easy for designers to apply.

As for naming, we strongly believe that the right name for a brand helps immensely with creating the right kind of market exposure, brand recall, and builds trust with your consumers, potential and existing. Smart businesses take the time and money to invest in ensuring their brand gets the right name because they understand the magnitude of the effect a name can have.

Your brand name will be part of your brand’s identity throughout the duration of your company, and cannot be changed once you select it to represent who you are to your target audience, unlike your website design, logo, or color palette.

At the start of any brand identity project, we begin from a very critical standpoint. We inspect, learn, and familiarize ourselves with a brand until we reach its core. Then we begin with research and discovery to build the foundation on which the brand will stand, visual ideation, production, and crafting the brand style guide.

For naming, our experts have studied the craft of how to carefully create a brand name and over the course of some years, have come up with fitting and impactful brand names for businesses, both locally and beyond. This is because we understand that in order to create the perfect brand name, the brand story at its core needs to be anchoring it. It also doesn’t hurt to make sure the name sounds great.

With both brand naming and identity, we ensure we stay ahead of the curve by being well rehearsed in both practices, and as a result, we come up with brand identities and names that honor the stories and foundations that those very brands are built on.

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