The use of smartphones is ever increasing giving mobile applications the ability to reach a very large audience. Having a mobile app which is simple, effective and attractive in terms of user experience can help in making consumers come back for more. Mobile apps deliver real, measurable and successful results. Our experts will design and develop for your iOS, Android and HTML5/Hybrid applications in order to help you grow your business faster and reach your target audience.

Recent reports and findings have proven that consumers will continue to grow and increase their use of mobile apps. Statistics show that the average time spent on mobile devices in 2014 was up by a mere four minutes compared to 2013, but despite this, we know the whole story.

Whether they’re using it for playing games, keeping up with their social media, browsing, or handling business, the use of smartphones and tablets is pervasive and rather than being a thing of the future, we must acknowledge that that future is now.

These mobile screens now account for 2-hour and 42 minutes of every day use by the average consumer. In 2014, most of this time was spent on smartphones using apps, with only 14% of that time being spent on searching the mobile web.

At Tonic, we believe that leads us to integral and important deductions. For a start, having a mobile app can be one of the most important things you can do to help build your brand. Then, we keep in mind that your app must be easy for your consumers to use, designed and developed to give said consumers a simple, effective, and attractive experience to keep them coming back for more.

Finally, the mobile application we design and develop must deliver real, measurable, and successful results for you. The mobile applications our experts’ design and develop for you are done for iOS, Android, and HTML5/Hybrid. We spend an incredible amount of time and energy ensuring that our efforts in developing mobile solutions for compelling experiences for users operate perfectly well across all devices.

That’s where we come in. Using the outline provided above, we can help you grow your business through our specialization in your mobile application design and development needs for both Android and iOS.