At Tonic, we like to ask ourselves: what is it that makes some of the best logos in the world so memorable and iconic? Is it simply how they look? Their colors? Their simplicity? Or maybe its what they’ve come to mean to consumers? But even great logos vary in nature.

So what makes a great logo? Our experts believe the answer is distinctiveness. The logo’s ability to stand out from everyone else, help make the brand unique, and worth remembering. It’s also great when they follow basic design rules, but that’s a given.


Our approach towards designing great logos is simple. We start with client discovery, as every logo is a visual expression of what the company stands for, believes in, what its story is and what its people are like. We fully acquaint ourselves with your brand, and then inject what we’ve learnt from you about your business back into your logo design.

We then fully acquaint ourselves with your industry. Who your audience is, who your competition is, so we know which direction to take the logo in in terms of style, and so we know what those you’re up against are doing so we can set you apart.

We then lead into application discovery, asking ourselves one important question: where and how is your logo going to be used? During this step, we learn what can and cannot be done in terms of designing.

We then go into sketching up your brand new logo, work our way through draft designs, and refine the finished product, before letting it lend itself greatly to your brand’s identity.

Your new logo aiding your brand’s identity as a whole, sets you apart from your competition, and makes you unique and worth remembering for your consumers.