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Delivering compelling advertising campaigns that’ll take your brand places.

At Tonic, we acknowledge how significantly advertising services have evolved. It is no longer one-way communication with a full-page newspaper advertisement, a 30-second radio or a one-minute television commercial. With the rise of digital media consumption, consumers have an opportunity to interact with brands, thus making advertising a conversation between brands and customers.

So, should a brand opt for branded content or direct marketing? Outdoor advertising or Instagram story content? How about a cool video on YouTube? An impromptu ambient stunt on the streets? The opportunities are endless and there are no more boundaries keeping a great idea constricted to one place.

We believe that wherever there is human interaction, therein lies the perfect opportunity to convey your brand’s message, just make sure to pick the right advertising agency to do so.

In our agency, we aim to deliver compelling advertising campaigns to help you reach your objective and targets, while touching the lives of your consumers, regardless of the medium. Whether you’re trying to gain new consumers, increase your brand’s awareness or increase sales with your existing consumers, we believe it all starts from a great idea.

But before we arrive at that idea, we think strategy, which is defined into three phases of thoroughly understanding your company, your business, your product, your consumers and your competitors. At the crux of this research, lies your communication positioning and brief.

To develop a great advertising campaign idea, we devise a strategy to thoroughly understand your company, your business, your product, your consumers and your competitors.

From the brief, we move on to guiding, reviewing, redirecting, and refining the creative and conceptual development to achieve what’s best for your brand and objectives. We then move on to ideation and execution by the creative teams.

In judging the work we produce for you, we always keep your consumers in mind, ensuring that this is relevant and can connect with them. We offer strategic creative and media channel planning to then amplify the creative concept and deliver on objectives.


TV, Cinema, Video Content Advertising

Traditional advertising has evolved to become not only more competitive, but also more diverse and engaging. At Tonic, we take every brief through a well-practiced method of carefully managed steps. We dive deep into your brand, gather insights and understand your audience. We then brainstorm to create the script and produce a beautifully-crafted film that delivers the desired impact for your business.


Press & Print Advertising

While most think that print advertising is dead due to the rise of digital, print is actually thriving. Portable printed mediums are a great way to target certain segments of your audience. We will craft and design your print ad to meet your requirements and ensure you have as much visibility as possible through rigorous research and strategy.


Out Of Home (OOH) / Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising, or out-of-home (OOH), are types of advertising services that reach consumers outside of their home. With the arrival of mobile technology OOH advertising has become even more exciting. As digital communication experts, we ensure that your billboard not only becomes a conversation starter, but gets it moving into the digital world. We’ll show you how a simple outdoor campaign can turn into a viral success.


Production Management in Print, Digital, Radio & Video content

At Tonic we have extensive production knowledge and experience which allows us to manage fully integrated and strategic productions. We specialize in digital, print, radio and video content production. From large scale outdoor advertising to signage our production team delivers the highest quality products within your timeline and your budget.


Radio Advertising

Radio advertising services are just as relevant today as they have ever been. Radio is a great medium as it is affordable and impactful. At Tonic we develop insightful, moving and fun ads through our creative work. We use your company’s identity to develop a great idea that fits your brand, write out the script and select the best VO talent to do your brand justice.



Infographics are visual representations of data in a story format that can be either static or dynamic (video). We build and storyboard our infographics with data research or process flows that creatively communicate your brand objective. These can be either individual or a series that form part of a larger ‘hero’ campaign.

These infographics can be used for media, social media and website content. Using infographics helps digital marketing because of increased engagement with dynamic content, visual representation of data, assists SEO, and elevates brand awareness.



We develop both static and dynamic banners that help brands achieve their campaign objective. Banners increase brand/campaign awareness, drive traffic to submission forms and to websites.


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