Tonic’s Privacy Policy

Tonic International (“We”) is completely committed to respecting your privacy and recognizes your rights in protecting your personal information shared with us in addition to your browsing data. Our privacy policy is stated here to ensure that all received data shared by users or collected by us will be undisclosed and only processed for professional usages. By browsing our website, sharing your personal information either by applying for a job, requesting a quotation, asking for assistance, or applying for our newsletter, you agree to our website’s privacy policy. 

If you don’t agree with our privacy policy please don’t browse the website or provide us with any personal information. If you have any comments or remarks regarding the stated privacy policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Collected data and information 

Personal Information 

Personal information which can identify an individual like first name, last name, email address, actual physical address, or job is obtained only when provided voluntarily by users through different means like applying for a posted job or signing up to receive our regular email newsletter. 

All provided information is stored on our secure servers. The stored personal data on our servers have limited access to certain figures in our organization and the servers are placed in controlled facilities. 

Non-personal information 

We collect statistical non-personal information regularly indicating how users are engaging with our website as well as our provided content. This data includes the IP addresses of our users, the devices they are using to log on the website, the mediums or sources to reach the website, their countries and cities, how long they stayed on any page, how they reacted with displayed links and call to action buttons, and many other types of data. 

This data is collected through tracking codes embedded on our websites and channeled to the Google Analytics platform. On Google Analytics, this data is organized in a structure of metrics and dimensions to facilitate analysis. The main aim of tracking users engagement is improving the website and developing its featured content. 

Collected non-personal information helps us in getting better understanding of users’ engagement with the website’s content and interface to identify the main aspects that need improvement. 


Our website utilizes cookies as one of the tracking technologies to enhance the delivered service and improve the website’s content. A cookie is a text file saved on the user’s device through his/her web browser. We place cookies collect technical information about our users like the time spent on our website, the type of users’ browsers, and the type of devices used to browse. 

We also use cookies for security reasons, mainly to authenticate the user’s identity while browsing the website. 

Cookies are used to personalize the experience while visiting the website and facilitate website navigation. Cookies can enable us also to advertise our products and services on our website or through other third-party websites and social media platforms. 

Your web browser can be set to send a notification before receiving a cookie asking for permission to proceed with the process. You can choose to block the browser but please know that some content may not appear and other services may not function properly if you choose not to save the cookies. 

Limitation of liability 

In no event shall Tonic International be liable for any direct or indirect damages in connection with the user’s use of material posted on our website or connectivity to or from this website to any other website. 

Links leading to other websites 

Please note that you could be directed to other websites when clicking on a hyperlink placed on our website. These other websites have their cookies and they could ask you for permission to receive these cookies. They could also track your engagement and utilize your shared personal information in the way they see effective. The privacy policies of these websites are completely different from ours. We disavow from any functionality or privacy infringing practice featured on these websites and we aren’t committed responsible for their performance or produced content.  We also can’t guarantee the security of users’ personal information on these websites. 


We made sure while developing the website that personal information is encrypted to protect your privacy. We take standard security procedures like firewalls and secure routers to make sure your personal information is safe. We can’t guarantee the total security of data transmission as it’s out of our control. 

Changes to our privacy policy 

We have the right to change the privacy policy at any time. The changed privacy policy will be posted on our website on the same page so users can access and read it. Please note that we will not send a notification to our subscribers or show an alert on the homepage when a new privacy policy is published. We ask our website users to check the privacy policy page from time to time to stay aware of the updates. 


If you have any complaints regarding how we process your data and personal information please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Contact Us 

If you have questions, comments, or requests related to the published privacy policy please don’t hesitate to contact us on  

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